Frequently Asked Questions

We use a selection of kiln dried hard woods sourced locally from Cumbria Logs in Kirkbride near Wigton. The wood has to be kiln dried as otherwise it doesn't burn hot enough or long enough.
Don't be fooled, even well seasoned wood is not dry enough. Hard wood is preferable as soft woods spit and smoke more when they burn and this can spoil the pizzas.
From cold it takes around an hour to get the fire hot enough to cook on, but due to it's excellent insulation and heat retention it stays warm long after the fire has gone out. So when we are out for two or more days in a row it's much easier to light the fire on the second day as the oven is still quite warm.
Yes. When we started that was one thing we were sure we wanted to do. Bought in doughs and sauces can't compare to the family recipes we use and by making it our selves we can be sure of the quality of every batch.
When we do our Takeaway Nights we take phone orders, but we are not usually able to at events. If you want to place an order for a Takeaway Night you can call us on: 07847 807 739.
Big Pizza Pies is our name, it comes from the song "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. Currently we don't serve a Big Pizza Pie, although we've been trying to come up with a pizza worthy of the name.
Also, in America pizzas are often referred to as pies or pizza pies, which is probably where the lyric in the song comes from.
Although we would love to serve gluten free pizzas, due to the abundance of flour on the work surfaces and in the oven we can not guarantee a pizza to be gluten free.
As such we are not able to offer gluten free pizzas.