About Us

About Big Pizza Pies

We love pizza and we love making pizza; and it's not just because of Italian heritage. We've been honing our pizza making skills for years. It started off making them for friends, who then requested them for their friends and for their family parties and eventually their weddings! It got to the stage where we were spending as much time cooking for other people as we were for ourselves, so in 2014 we bit the bullet and went into business doing what we loved.
We combine traditional Italian methods and ingredients with the best of locally sourced produce to make our delicious Pizzas. Our dough and Italian tomato sauces are made to the same recipe our family has been using for generations. The wood fire cooks the pizzas in around ninety seconds when at optimal temperature, and it produces a crisp base and chewy crust. Add this to our rich, home made tomato sauce and perfectly melted cheese and it's pizza just the way it should be.

Our Dream An Italian Restaurant & Deli

For years we've wanted a restaurant of our own, ever since we met in fact. So we spent 8 years talking about it, while we plodded on nine to five doing unsatisfying office jobs. Until one day we'd had enough and decided if we didn't do it now we never would. So we quit our jobs. Yikes. It was both terrifying and wonderful at the same time. A restaurant was a little out of reach to start with, so we bought our van, put an oven in it and somehow we've never looked back. We've been making Wood Fired Pizza ever since. We're self and family taught. Our Mothers and Grandmothers were our teachers initially and we took what they taught us and built on it.
From wandering around Borough Market tasting amazing cheeses and finding great Charcuterie products, to bumping into Michel Roux Jr and being so star struck we could barely speak, we're loving the ride.
So some day, when we've saved enough and we've learnt enough, we're going to have the little restaurant we've always dreamed of. In the mean time we're hand making restaurant quality Pizzas in our mobile wood fired oven. We'd love you to come and try one.

Wood Fired Cooking The science behind the pizza

Wood fired ovens are an ancient method of cooking, dating at least as far back as the Roman Empire. Largely used to bake bread they can also be used to make a variety of other dishes too. These days they are mainly associated with cooking Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas. Using a combination of it's unique shape, a special volcanic refractory concrete and excellent insulation, our oven can reach temperatures of between 500°C and 600°C. It's this extreme heat that makes a wood fired pizza so special. While the stone floor draws the moisture out of the pizza base to make it crispy, the super hot air of the oven causes the air in the crust to expand rapidly, giving the perfect chewy texture. The pizzas cook so quickly that the toppings are not in the oven long enough to dry out and spoil, meaning meats stay juicy and tender and vegetables retain their structure and bite. 
Wood fired pizza is truly special, elevating the humble pizza from fast food to a restaurant quality meal.

What We Do

Street Food

We believe Street Food is about serving delicious food quickly and affordably and that's what we've always aimed to do.

The Pizza

All of our pizzas are handmade to order. We build them and cook them right in front of you, so you can be sure they're fresh!

The Dough

Our dough is made to a secret family recipe, but we can tell you that it starts with the best Caputo "00" Flour imported straight from Italy.

The Tomatoes

The best tomato sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes, grown in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, as they give it a bittersweet flavour.

The Sauce

We mix our San Marzano tomatoes with a secret herb and spice blend and the finest Italian passatta to create our deliciously rich pizza base.

The Fire

A wood fire is the only way to cook pizza properly. Once you've tasted wood fired pizza you'll never be happy with anything less.